A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Light of the Living Dead - a cute horror random dungeon game.

You play Lanny, a female who is fighting her way through infinite rooms with only a torch to fight of nasties.

You have limited torch but recharge points that will top up your batteries, point the torch (cursor) at the bats and devils and burn them to bits. As long as your pointer line cuts through the enemy they will be hurt.

Missing from the game is difficulty progression and a boss fight, amongst other things. This is my first ever LD jam.


Install instructions

Runnable Jar file, as long as you have Java installed you are good to go.


LightLivingDead_1366_786.rar 19 MB
LightLivingDead_1600_900.rar 19 MB
LightLivingDead_1366_786.zip 19 MB
LightLivingDead_1600_900.zip 19 MB